Nurses Cottage Drinks
We're delighted to offer a varied and high quality range of drinks, which are made with great taste and great ingredients as the priority. From our own Nurses Cottage kitchen comes a range of traditionally made and locally sourced cottage creations which represent the very best that the fields, hedgerows, and orchards have to offer.

Elderflower cordial
Handpicked elderflowers from the slopes of Bredon Hill and the surrounding area. The cordial is made and bottled locally - in turn this reduces the unnecessary transport miles. We use an old traditional recipe It is blended and infused with natural lemons and it contains no artificial flavourers or sweeteners.

Sparkling Elderflower Presse- award winning

Elderflowers from Bredon hill and the surrounding area in Worcestershire are handpicked for our homemade cordial, which is then blended with Cotswold spring water and lightly carbonated for our presse. The taste is aromatic with a gentle fizz. Best served chilled.Great Tastes GOLD award winner.

Sparkling Elderflower and Gooseberry Presse

Elderflowers are combined with the finest Vale of Evesham gooseberries then blended and carbonated with Cotswold spring water to create our sparkling elderflower and gooseberry presse. The taste is aromatic, fragrant with as gooseberry sharp tang. Best served chilled.

Sparkling Pershore Plum Presse

We have created our original Plum Presse inspired by the Pershore Plum Festival and our love of orchards. Our Pershore plum presse is blended with our elderflower cordial, the Vale of Evesham's finest plums and carbonated spring water. The taste is fragrant and plummy. This drink is best served chilled. 

Mulled Plum Potion- award winning

Our mulled plum potion is a magical taste of Worcestershire's finest plum orchards in the Vale of Evesham. Our plum potion was conceived to celebrate Pershore's Plum festival. People wanted more so this drink is now bottles for your pleasure. This drinks is best served hot. It is the HEART of ENGLAND Fine Foods Diamond Award winner.