Pershore College has a thriving commercial operation and sell a wide range of crops, plants and produce. We have selected their excellent collection of college produced fruit juice drinks. The juice drinks are free from artificial colouring and preservatives and sweeteners. The fruit juice drinks come in an array of exciting flavours that will appeal to children and adults alike.

Apple and Blackcurrent
A real taste of blackcurrants combined with apples creates a great taste.

Apple and Raspberry
Award winning drink which is a real taste of summer. A great way to taste raspberries whilst waiting for the raspberry season.

Apple Juice (still or sparkling available)
A lovely wholesome apple taste in a bottle. Discovery, Egremont russet, cox and bramley apples used for unique single variety taste sensations.

Pear Juice
A lovely juice drink that tastes as it should, of pears. Very simple and straight forward drink that quenches your thrust.

Apple and Elderflower
A great taste of the summer. Subtle fragrant tastes.

Juice drinks are available in 33cl or 75cl .Cases also available 20 bottles 33cl 12 bottles of 75cl.