Made locally in Bricklehampton, using locally sourced fruit, and herbs from Lynda Whitcombe's own herb farm. All Lynda's jellies are freshly made to order and have a one year shelve life. Made traditionally using a "drip bag", they require no additives such as gelatine or preservatives. All Herb Jellies are supllied in 225g jars.

Lynda's Victorian style sweet fruit vinegars made by infusing fruit in cider vinegar until all the flavour has been captured, strained then cooked with sugar.

Fruit vinegars are so versatile, and can be used in drinks; dressings; sources; gravy; marinades and many other recipes. Not only that, but you should try them on pancakes or icecream, in a spritzer, or with sparkling water - delicious! All vinegars available in 225ml bottles.

Ideal with poultry, meats, cheeses and we recommend you try it with boiled root veggies.
Sage and Cider
English cider and natural apple pectin is the base for this one, great with pork, smoked fish, meats and strong cheeses.
For traditional poultry, pork or cheese dishes

Ideal with fish or poultry and as a dressing base.

Sweet chilli for cold meats, cheeses and curry dishes.
A great accompany to lamb or poultry dishes.
Chilli and coriander
Great with hot and cold meats, cheeses, curries, and stir fries.
Mint with a hint
...of chilli, ideal for curries, meats and on strawberries, go on, give it a go!
Apple and Ginger
(not Lynda's own ginger) try with poultry or fish, delicious on toast.
Traditionally served with game or lamb, on scones, and in cakes and trifles.
Taste of Britain Sliver Medal winner 2005; ideal with lamb or poultry.
Rose Geranium
Fragrant light jelly. Ideally used with tarts, scones, trifles or just on toast.
Same as jalapeno but hotter!
Available in October only

The far Eastern flavours of Laksa, made with Lynda's own Vietnamese coriander polygomum Oderatum, ginger, chilli, garlic and lemon, in an apple base. Try with stir fries, curry dishes, hot and cold meats, fish or vegetable dishes.

Gooseberry and elderflower
A taste of summer, delicious on toast, scones, bread and butter. Also ideal as an accompaniment to game, pork ham or mackerel.

Right: Lynda hard at work in her kitchen!

Pictured is the full selection of wonderful Fruit Vinegars which comprise:

Winner of the Taste of Britain Bronze Award 2005
Gooseberry and Elderflower